Hello visitor, I’m Appraxsis, but you can call me “Praxsi” for short. I blog about general things that interest me, but mostly video games. I love doing in-depth reviews discussing game mechanics, stories, and giving my subjective opinions about said game. I don’t do reviews scores, I only say whether or not I think the game in question has value. But I try to be as objective as one could possibly be.

I do my best to “Analyze” a game on a critical level. Video games are more than entertainment, and I’m here to prove that. I’m one of the most blunt people you’ll ever meet, so expect swearing and rambling. It’s just who I am. It’s how I get my point across the best. I post at least twice a week. Follow me on FB for more updates and to check out my first novel I’m currently writing. (Molina Saxton)

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Praxsi approved:

Game, Complain, Repeat.

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