No Man’s Sky is a No Man’s Lie! In depth analysis.

Yes yes, I’m well aware that joke has been done to death by now, but it doesn’t make it any less true. So… Neeh!

No game has been hyped to the moon this much and then shit the bed this bad not even a week later. Well actually no, that’s not true; there is one game. A game that was amazingly simular to this; The idea of visiting different planets, space exploration, and an interactive world that can be shared with other people. Also, a game that was also hyped to the moon and failed. Also, a game that sparked a controversy about the developers blatantly lying about features that were not in the game whatsoever. You already know what I’m talking about right?..

Exactly, Destiny!

When you really buckle down, Destiny and No Man’s Sky are almost the same game. Which is why I’m choosing to compare the two; right here, right now!

#1 What is No Man’s Sky?

Before we begin however, I think it’s important that I explain to you what NMS is:

(Deep breath in)

No Man’s Sky is a game based around space exploration. The major selling point of the game is the idea that the entire game universe is 100% randomly generated. No 2 galaxies being the same, no 2 player’s worlds being alike. In theory, this would create a nearly-infinite universe to explore.

The main activities you do in NMS is you mine resources to fuel your ship and craft rare items. You can also check out the wild life that was also randomly generated with in the planet.

You have no ultimate goal in NMS. In fact, you are not given any goal besides fueling your ship at the beginning. Other than that, you aren’t told very much at all. Which draws a lot of comparisons to Minecraft in that aspect. That and the random world generation.

If I had to explain it in one complex sentence: No Man’s Sky is Minecraft’s random world generation and crafting, mixed with Destiny’s theme of space and planet exploration.

The hype for this game was so huge, it wasn’t a hype tornado, it was a hype natural disaster!

Nothing better describes this game than a natural disaster because since it’s release; it had suffered a 90% drop in current players within 1 week after launching…

(Sharp inhale) Oh man, my face was going red there for a second.

I’m going to repeat what I just said so you can understand how HORRIBLE that is.

It dropped in current players (people currently playing the game right now) by 90%… ONE WEEK AFTER LAUNCH! It went from 200,000 current players on launch; to 15,000! IN ONE WEEK! (If you do the math, that’s actually a 92.5% drop.) Source: AlphaOmegaSin

For some perspective, No Man’s Sky is a Triple A game! A big release that had a massive fan base before it ever saw the light of day!.. Yeah, holy shit indeed.

But sadly, when it failed to cure every possible disease, solve world hunger, eliminate climate change, assassinate Hillary Clinton, shove a sock in Donald Trump’s mouth, and bring everyone’s dead pets back to life, everybody was quick to declare it the biggest ball of shit to ever exist ever on this tiny blue speck of dust floating in the void.

Was that reaction warranted? Absolutely not. Hardcore fans of this game have been known for doxxing anyone who talks bad about the game. As if that would do anything.

Does that mean the game is good though?..




Sort of? Kinda?

#2 No Man’s Sky vs. Destiny 

It’s really complicated because I think that NMS is really great in it’s concept. How amazing is a game where you could explore an entirely unique universe and a nearly infinite game world?! That’s an awesome idea for a game!

But I think the biggest problem with the game is that there’s fuck all to do in the game. All of your time playing the game can be broken down to: Mining for resources, flying to different planets, doing side quests requiring you to mine some more, walking around for minutes on end, watching wildlife either do fuck all or attack you, refueling your life support at your ship when it gets low, and fighting ships in space.

It’s basically a grind, much like Destiny if you think about it.

All of your time in Destiny can be broken down to: Killing tons of the same enemies who spawn in the same areas over and over again, collecting resources, doing side quests involving killing more enemies, watching your ship fly to different planets in cutscenes, watching other players run around in the tower with no way of interacting with them, and riding around on a speeder bike for minutes on end. Eerily simular..

The only major differences being that Destiny has a linear story and interconnected missions, NMS doesn’t. You could fly around in your ship in NMS but not in Destiny.

Both of these games also have controversy in common; specifically that the developers have blatantly lied about features that were nowhere in the game. Case in point: Hello Games (Dev for NMS) talked about players meeting up on the same planet in the same galaxy in the developer’s diary. But as 2 streamers on Twitch have proved, this is completely false.

Remember when Bungie said there would be player gambling and trading? Yep, that was a blatant bullshit lie.

There is no interacting with other players in NMS. It’s also true in Destiny, but you could at least SEE other players in the world. NMS feels completely lifeless, which contributes to the idea that the game has no life to it. Sure all the planets are random, but it’s not like there’s anything to do on the planets besides side quests and more fucking mining!

#3 Why did Destiny get away with it?

This question had came to me as I was first drafting this. Why did Destiny get away scott-free compared to No Man’s Sky?

What I mean is, Destiny was a huge disappointment, arguably just as much as No Man’s Sky; but if that’s true, why did Destiny get away with it?

I’m not saying Destiny didn’t lose people, they did. But they didn’t lose 92.5% in one week, why?..

In all honesty, I don’t know…

But I have a theory:

Destiny was also a very lifeless game overall, but I think that Destiny did a better job at hiding it than No Man’s Sky did.

Think about it, Destiny had players in the game and on the planet with you mining stuff and killing enemies with you. Destiny convinces you that you’re in a living breathing world, until you realize that you can’t interact with them at all, and that all you are doing is grinding the same missions over and over again. But No Man’s Sky doesn’t do any of that.

Once you strip away all of the players from the planets and the missions entirely, it makes the worlds feel empty. You learn quickly that there’s nothing to find, defeating the whole point of exploring at all.

In short, I think Destiny does a better job at hiding the fact the world has nothing in it, NMS doesn’t. That’s just a theory, some may disagree.

In summery, No Man’s Sky had a huge amount of potential as a good game, but it collapsed under it’s own weight. Not exactly a rare story in the world of Triple A games sadly. It almost makes me wonder why people who build hype around video games haven’t learned their lesson, and I’m sort of convinced they never will… Sad.

You could say they’re telling a…

No Man’s Lie!

Hardy hardy har har har.

…Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to take a No Man’s Shit.



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