Receiver: Flying Shocky Robot Basterds.

It’s my birthday bitch!

Birthday.. It’s my birthday!

Yep, that right there was essentially my birthday party.

Ok no, it was really more like this:

Big booty bitches

Regardless, I am back from my prolonged slumber, and I finally got around to changing my site design. I was getting really fucking sick of that beach photo.

Let’s talk indie games once again! Yay!

This time around, this is a little game that has quite an impressive conception. Not only that, but I literally had to drag myself away from this game just to write this post now cause everybody and their dog thinks I’m dead.

I assure you, I’m fine. I only snorted human bone dust off a Brazilian woman’s ass cheeks, nothing too bad. I’ll be fine…

Yeah, don’t ask…


It was my birthday, ok! God, so judgmental…


#1 How Receiver came about 

This game was made by a one man team over the course of the 7 day game development challenge. The challenge was to see who could make the best game in only 7 days.

If you don’t know, that’s a hard thing to do. Making a good game is fucking hard as balls, especially if you’re working alone. The fact that you could do it in 7 days deserves an Olympic medal.

Receiver is a first person shooter with a twist.

You know how in every FPS ever that you press one button to reload and your done, right? That’s not how it works here.

Instead, just to do a simple reload, you need to take exactly 4 steps:

1.Take the mag out.

2. Put the mag 1 of 10 empty slots in your inventory.

3. Put the new mag in your gun again.

4. Rechamber a round. (If necessary)

Not hard you say? Try doing that under pressure, it’s impossible.

This list assumes your new mag isn’t empty. (Yes, that’s possible) It also assumes that you have more than one mag, (You sometimes don’t) and don’t forget to have the hammer cocked you silly twat!

Also, each one of those buttons have a different key command. (E for eject magazine, 1-0 keys for placing and taking items, Z for inserting magazine, and R for rechamber.)

Always make sure you have the safety off, or else you’ll look like a real dumbass. (V)

Make sure before you leave that your gun actually has a round in the chamber as well as having bullets in the mag. Or else you’ll look like an even bigger dumbass.

If you need to refill the mag, you must holster (`) add in the bullets (Z) unholster (`) Insert mag (Z) then re chamber. (R)

You know how to aim don’t you? Ready your weapon (Q or RMB) and fire (LMB)

Did you get all that? You better! It’s all part of the final exam young man! Now balance these books on your head while singing the Swedish alphabet backwards while moon-walking on a tight rope over the grand canyon! I better feel the spirit of MJ in you!

Seriously, that’s a lot of buttons. This control scheme is twice as complex as Donald Trump’s entire platform. But also as simple as Hillary Clinton’s voter base.

In other words, once you get used to it, it becomes pure memory. I felt super badass when I could reload without even thinking about it. I felt even more badass when I see a flying drone coming at me and then blast him with one solid shot. It’s an amazing feeling very few games have ever gave me.

I literally can’t stop playing this game, it’s just that good! And it was made in 7 days! Holy shit!

But I always said that if you love something, you have to critique it. Quite harshly. The harsher the better. No problem, I prefer it rough anyway.

#2 My Critimasizm 

I’m aware that I haven’t described the nitty gritty of this game at all. So now, I shall.

The first and most notable thing you will find out is that you will die from any sort of damage. Getting shot, tazed, or fall damage will kill you instantly.

The second thing you will figure out is that all of the levels are randomly generated. You will have a random amount of spawning ammo and ammo is not very common most of the time.

This game has 2 primary enemies: One is the standing turrets.


And the other being the before-mentioned flying drones.

They normally fly, but this one doesn’t, because it got owned in the face!

In this game, every shot counts. Finding ammo is an absolute bitch, and reloading during an encounter or not being prepared for one will be game over.

But that’s not all! The standing turrets can only be damaged in 4 ways:

  1. The motor
  2. The camera
  3. The battery
  4. The swivel

Both enemies can be defeated in one shot, but you have to aim really well. Like REALLY well.

Now, this is not a problem with the game, I just have to air out frustration:

Fuck these flying pieces of shit! These things are so fucking unfair! They can spot you from a hundred miles away and chase you down and they’re coming so fucking fast, they’re fucking impossible to hit! Further compounding the fact that I only have like -5 bullets and I waste like 12 shots trying to kill the basterd, only to miss every shot making me look like a spastic chimp who can’t shoot worth a shit! These flying shithouses came from the very pits of video game hell! They deserve to be destroyed! God, even talking about them is making me pissed! Hold on, I have to go kill a cute puppy! I’ll be back!

… 1 gruesome puppy murder later…  

Ah, that’s better…


What?.. That little shit has been pissing on my rims. Do you have any idea how much those cost?! He had it coming!

Now, back to my point… Which was… Ah, shit hold on, let me think…

Fuck it, let’s talk about the story. Believe it or not, there is one.

The story is told over casete tapes you find, 11 in total. Like the levels, they are also randomized. So that means you get the tapes completely out of order. This form of story telling wouldn’t work in any normal game, but it does work here because this game is meant to be played over and over multiple times. By that logic, you would eventually hear them all and be able to dissect the order.

I’m not going to spoil it cause I really think you should do should play this game, but I think while it’s a bit of a Sci Fi cliche, it makes the world really interesting and encourages you to explore and find them all. It’s very simular to the Matrix, which I like the Matrix, so it’s good and stuff like that.

What happens when you get all the tapes? I don’t know, cause I never could! No joke, in 12 total hours, I couldn’t do it! This game is harder than Brock Lesner’s biceps!

#3 Receiver is damn good!

For a game made in 7 days and only 10 bucks, Receiver is one of the best indie shooters out there. A prime example of when a solid idea is done right.

I honestly hope this gun combat idea comes back in another game. For example, if there was a game about being a cop or something like that. That would be so lovely!

Until that happens, I’ll see you next time! I have puppy guts to clean up… Bye!






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