Black Ops 3… isn’t all that bad? In depth analysis.

Miss me ya wankers?

Holy sweet balls of fire, it’s been a long time hasn’t it? I’m sorry everyone, college has been kicking my ass recently, it’s hard to focus on anything else right now. But don’t you worry honey, I didn’t forget you ā¤ šŸ˜€ ā¤

So yeah… you read the title, right?.. Ok good. Honestly, I’m really surprised by this recent revelation. Black Ops 3 is actually good, well at least I think so.

But I have the feeling that there’re many die hard COD fans who will shit all over me for saying that. Declaring from up high atop their computer chair: “Black Ops 3 sucks shit through a coffee straw! I want the boots on the ground again! This isn’t COD anymore, this is Call of Halo now!” They would yell in righteous fury, before all the neighbors next door would tell him to shut up cause it’s 4 in the morning :l

My first reaction is, “Whoa whoa! Holy shit bro, calm the fuck down! It’s just a video game!”

My second reaction would be, “I understand why you say that, but I respectfully disagree my belligerent friend.” I have quite a bit to say, so get some popcorn viewer.

#1 Why I like Black Ops 3Ā 

Let me first say that I said before that I have no plans on playing Black Ops 3. I haven’t bought the game, I haven’t played the game myself. My experience, so to say, is based entirely off of Livestreams I’ve watched on Twitch and Youtube. I’ve watched quite a bit, so I seen all of Black Ops 3 pretty much, and my conclusion is… I kinda want to play it now!

Trust me, I never thought I’d say that, but it’s true. Let me explain:

I’ve actually liked the direction that COD has been going recently with the whole high mobility and verticality. This is coming from someone who is kinda burned out on the traditional COD formula. Speaking of COD formula…

I’ve talked a lot about how changing the COD formula is a terrible idea. Just look at Ghosts. But I think the biggest problem with ghosts was that IW had no idea what they were doing. But that all changed with Advanced Warfare.

Advanced Warfare brought verticality and another skill gap to COD. It wasn’t a perfect idea, and it didn’t work for everyone. It split up the community almost completely evenly.

COD has never been known for being a very vertical game so to say. But now, it is. If you look at both comments and Youtube videos, you would see how divided people are about it. People either praising it like the second coming of Jesus, or violently hating it. Fairly typical of the COD fanbase sadly.

Even for it’s multiple faults, *Cough* Supply drops, I liked AW. I liked it mostly because it was so different. I was pleased that COD was actually trying something new for a change. I feel like they’ve only improved on that in BO3.

The movement system has improved, it has wallrunning, *Cough* Titanfall. Sorry, I have a cold. But not only that, BO3 made a very weird change I didn’t expect from a COD game.

See, there’re these things called “Specialists” in BO3. Specialists are basically different characters that are mostly differentiated from their unique abilities. *Cough* Destiny. Whoa, I’m really sick today.

But unlike Destiny where there was 3 different characters, BO3 has about 9, I think. the ones I remember the most were: The Reaper, The Battery, The Outrider, and The guy with the Gravity spikes. ( I forgot his name) There’s no difference shooting wise who you play as, but you have a unique ability for your character. The Battery has a Grenade launcher, The Reaper has an arm mounted minigun (Which is fucking awesome! Needless to say…) The Outrider has an explosive bow, and The Gravity Spikes guy has… the Gravity Spikes :l

How they work is very similar to Destiny. You have a meter that fills up over time, and once it’s filled up, you can unleash it. What I was rather surprised by is the fact that some of the abilities go beyond just killing people. Such as there’s one specialist that can clone himself and be camouflaged, and there’s one ability called the Vision pulse that momentarily lets you see through walls. Not something you’d expect in a COD game huh?

I don’t know about you, but… I want to play that! That sounds really fun to me! Treyarch really went all out with making COD a different game, and it looks really fucking fun!

#2 Why people don’t like the modern COD

“Boots on the ground! Boots on the ground! Boots on the ground!”

This is a phrase I’ve been hearing a lot from the hardcore fans recently. What this essentially means is they want the old style of combat back. They don’t like the wallrunning and the jetpacks, they want the boots on the ground. While I disagree entirely, I understand why they say this.

Before I discuss that, can I just point something out real quick? Aren’t some of these people who are saying this also the same people who said that COD was “the same game every year.”? Fucking irony, am I right?

Other than that, COD has a very specific formula. There was one thing that people loved about COD, and that’s the casual factor of it. COD is not a serious game, in any way, shape or form. Call of duty has always maintained a low skill gap, so really anyone can learn and have fun with it.

But now that you’ve added things like wallrunning and double jumping, it widens the skill gap to a noticeable degree. This is what I feel drove a lot of people away. Call of duty was never know for being a complex game, but now it kinda is.

I understand, but I really like that about it. I’m the kind of person who enjoys learning new things and mastering them. I enjoy complex, high skill ceiling games. I enjoy using my critical thinking skills to help my team have the best chance at success.

I’m well aware not everyone’s like me, and that’s fine. I’m glad Treyarch was ballsy enough to try this, especially with Activision breathing down their neck. I was bored as fuck with the old COD formula, and now that it’s changed, I love it, and I want it. All of it! In my face! Now!

#3 The Problems

One word: Cryptokeys. Fucking Cryptokeys!

Cryptokeys are a currency that allows you to buy… Supply drops!!!

Damn it Treyarch! I love you guys! You made some of my favorite COD’s, as well as Spider Man 2, which I also love! Why must you do this Treyarch! WHY!!!




Oh yeah, that’s why…

#4 The final words

So in conclusion, I want an arm mounted minigun. Imagine how many problems I could solve… That won’t solve any problems actually, but still, that would be awesome.

But until then, I want Black Ops 3. It looks like a fuck awesome game. No joke. Thumbs up Treyarch. If only you would take Cryptokeys behind the shed if you know what I’m saying. But still, it’s ok. I still love you ā¤

I’m going to start posting a lot more, leave a like if you enjoyed. I want to keep doing my thing here. Love you baby, let me give you a spank :).


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